Years ago I played with a couple adjustable mounts.........

September 8 2017 at 9:11 PM

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a B-Square and a RWS C-Mount finding that mounting the scope, shooting a few groups, then un-mounting the scope to make adjustments so I could check the zero which took a good amount of time only to have them "shake loose" after a while. Those episodes a couple decades ago soured me on the antics od adjustable mounts so I started bending my barrels. LOL...bending a barrel is a quicker and easier process for me that doesn't require mounting/un-mounting/re-mounting yada yada yada and the bent barrel is a long term fix, well, until I change a scope or mount anywhoo. is a damaged "screw on" Beeman scope rail that was damaged by an adjustable RWS C-Mount when trying to tighten it enough to stay put. The "milled scrape out the back" was caused by a Beeman non-adjustable one piece mount (rebadged Sports Match) that had insufficient stop pin exposure from the box.

I do believe that advancements have been made to the adjustable mounts since I tried them years ago and I've read that some can be adjusted without un-mounting/re-mounting the scope and there are quite a few positive posts, however I prefer the simplicity and permanence of simply bending the barrel.

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