RWS 54 and Vortex Diamondback 4 x 12 x 40 AO

September 8 2017 at 9:18 PM
Karl  (Login KarlH60)

I've had this gun and scope for a couple of years, and now that the Tropical Storm Harvey rain fall (49-9/16 inches) has drained away, I took the gun out and shot it.

I think I may have killed the scope as I am having unexplained POI shifts. Sled is adjusted okay, stock screws torqued at 20 in-lbs, RWS Drooper mount at 25 in-lbs on rings and on rail.

This thing used to be a hammer with Crosman domed 14.3 grain and JSB 15.89 grain. I have the turrets zeroed where the previous 25 yard sight-in was. I'll get unexplained POI shifts and can shoot 4 or 5 in a dime at 25 yards and then back to the original zero for another 5 or 6. If I re-zero the scope, I end up going back to the original zero at exactly where the original turrets were set at "O".

No wind and at 25 yards. Held exactly as I have held for the last 2 years.

Before I remove the scope tomorrow and try another, anyone have a suggestion of what else I can check.

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