Bore lapping & polishing

September 9 2017 at 8:31 AM
Josh3rd  (Login josh3rd)

Is it just me and I can't leave well enough alone or is it the air gunner in us that we always have two tinker with something to see if it makes our gun better or more accurate or just to see what the outcome is? Who knows. My whole point is saying all this is about lapping and polishing a barrel. How is it known if you do need it or not? Or lets say if you don't need it will your Barrel still benefit from it? Like as most of you may have already know I have a air arms prosport and an RWS 54. Now John Thomas already lapped and polish my 54 and she shoots amazing. My prosport is untuned and she is what is supposedly one of the best airguns off the assembly line. She shoots amazingly at whatever distances which really equates to 55 yards. But I'm always striving for that little bit tighter group as we all have and or doing. So my question to you guys are do you think it will benefit from a lap and polish? Or should I just leave well enough alone? Another question. What makes it the deciding factor to lap and polish apparel and how would you guys do it on a fixed Barrel rifle. Now I'm not going to do it on my Pro Sport but just in case if I get bored one day, LOL.

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