Are you willing to fully disassemble the gun to lap it? Crown damage is too likely ...

September 9 2017 at 12:17 PM
Scot Laughlin  (Login classicalgas)

Response to Bore lapping & polishing

otherwise, unless you want to try firelapping.

Lapping (done correctly by a skilled operator, with a cast in bore lead lap on a ball bearing swivel handle, from the breach) will always improve a bore. The degree of improvement is what varies, and there is some risk of creating an oversize bore if what the factory sent you is near the upper end of the caliber specs.

LW bores are button rifled, and will benefit from a skilled lap job, even if only to extend the number of shots between leading up.

Hammer forged barrels( older BSA only, so far as I know) won't benefit much...they are already nearly ideal(taper bore with a smooth internal finish) and tend to be a bit oversize to start with.

Do a few cheapies before you lap an expensive gun.

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