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September 9 2017 at 9:03 PM
Steve D  (Login sd5782)

Response to Tips for BSA Airsporter end plug?

Hello Jim. I think I sold you a Haenel 300 in Findlay a couple of years ago. I have a Mercury S that I was just shooting this evening. I half destroyed the receiver and piston on mine by shooting it while it was internally grinding itself.

It was a royal pain to get apart until I finally got a bit violent with it. It was 5-10 years ago maybe. I tried with the rod in the trigger block if I remember, but no luck. I let it set for days trying to figure out a new approach. I believe in the end, I clamped the trigger block in a big vice, with wood to keep from marring. I think then I got a large box point wrench that was a good fit in the breech jaws such as one would do to unscrew an HW end block. Then some VERY sharp blows on the wrench with a big hammer.

Remember, at this point, I was going to get the damn thing off one way or another so this is a caution. It worked for me, and came off. Nothing broke and my trigger block has no marks.

Now that is only half the fun. You will never get it back together with a stout spring. I tried to make a jig to hold the trigger block while screwing it in, but that worked poorly. I did get a factory spring cut a couple coils in. Final tune used a JM .120" 4600 spring for milder shooting. It is a short stroke gun anyhow, and is plenty harsh with much spring.

All in all an unpleasant experience. The guns are indeed beautiful but….. I will say, that I am not a fan of British guns. Hope to not step on toes, but I have in my limited experience found poor workmanship and difficulty of servicing. GOOD LUCK!!

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