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"What I want to know is how can you make sure that your rifle is straight?"....well.......

September 12 2017 at 1:23 PM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Scope and rifle leveling

if my HW95 poi is in line left to right at both 10 yards and 50 yards then I'm satisfied that the reticle is rotated properly.

Anywhoo, this works well for me and my HW95 or R9...........
Level the gun with bubble level on the flat of the barrel pivot block.........
Then align the vertical leg of the reticle with a string/weight hung upstairs at 18 yards......

Perhaps this sketch will help......

Concerning the "it looks like the bottom is at 5 o'clock and the top at 11 o'clock" statement it seems to me that if the reticle is aligned "properly" but is misaligned when sighting perhaps you're holding the gun skewed so the scope is vertically aligned over the receiver. Anywhoo.....if your statement "unless it's windy, my shots are right on the vertical for the most part from 10-55yds" is correct, What's the issue even if things look "strange"? It does seem to me that your two statements are contradictory but I certainly could be mistaken!

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