My bad Ed, i should have been more specific

October 9 2017 at 11:02 AM
Josh3rd  (Login josh3rd)

Response to Well....if you're talking about this AOA offering..........

a V Mach kit for Prosport/TX which cost I think $160+/-. I see the metal liner as to a fully closed putter spring guide of vortek. Then the both have an internal spring guide. V Mach is metal and vortek delrin or plastic. I'm guess that a purchaser is basically paying for metal? So when you chose a vortek kit and it began to fail, has that been enough for you to forgo using them ever again? I have read that some time ago a lot of his Springs failed to meet the required foot-pounds of energy that they were advertising at. Like their 12 foot-pounds srings were nowhere near close to being 12 foot pounds and I have heard and read that also some time ago that there were numerous failures in their products. But then I recently read that he had corrected whatever mistakes was going on at that time such as the quality of the springs he was using and now that he puts out very good quality stuff. Any opinions/feedback? And $50+ for just those 3 pcs??? Man oh man that's crazy.

Hey Ed I wish I could make it to Damascus the 15th. Maybe the one after that. Which is when?

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