Friends & Family payment can be reversed by your credit card company

October 9 2017 at 11:54 AM

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Response to you can start by filing a claim with Paypal.......

Possibly by your bank if you linked a bank account or pulled the funds from a bank account.

I recently bought a SWFA scope from a great Yellow member & paid using Paypal friends & family.

USPS showed it as delivered but it wasn't at my "front porch" like USPS tracking said online (I don't have a front porch).

I realized it had probably been left at a house that is on a closely named street with the same number address that's a couple of miles away, so I drove over & there was my scope on their front porch!

Then I started thinking...what if I hadn't figured it out & didn't go get my scope?

I had paid by friends & family, so my only recourse would have been to work something out with the seller (even though it wasn't his fault), or contact the credit card company I had linked to my Paypal account & get a chargeback thru them.

I don't think friends & family is a good idea for purchases, no matter who you are buying from.

For $4 extra bucks per hundred dollars, buy the transaction protection.

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