I really have little use for "advertized fpe" because guns are all different and they.....

October 9 2017 at 2:26 PM

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can have vastly different fpe output, even if the same spring kit is being used. I'm hoping that the recent Vortek springs have improved because I really like the way I can order their springs with a desired number of coils, various wire gages and a good selection of inside diameters. Also, Tom at Vortek was a terrific vendor to deal with (A1 customer service) so my only issue has been "rapid spring sagging".

When I bought my PG2 kit for my R9 it was early in the "production line" so it came with unclosed spring ends and a really heavy steel top hat. Here's a pics showing the heavy top hat and unclosed spring end.......
Initially that PG2 kit produced way more velocity than I liked since the R9 was shooting CPLs at a snappy 960fps. To resolve the "excess velocity" I removed the thick top hat and replaced it with a thinner rim steel top hat of my own which dropped the CPL velocity to an acceptable (at that time) 910fps using a Vortek VAC seal. Actually, I was "happy as a clam" shooting almost two 1250 count boxes of CPLs before noticing that my shot cycle had changed. After shooting a few CPLs over my chrony I found that the velocity had dropped from 910fps to 880fps shooting two boxes of CPLs (two months shooting at that time). I disassembled the R9 and replaced my home turned top hat with the original heavy thick rim top hat and the CPL velocity did increase to an "acceptable to me at that time" 910fps (50fps less than when new) and again I was OK with the result. A couple more months passed and at around half way through the 4th CPL box I again noticed a change in the shot cycle and a few CPLs over the chrony showed that the velocity had again dropped to 880fps. During the 4 months using the PG2 kit my velocity dropped 80fps so it was retired and replaced with a home made spring kit based on a Maccari Hornet spring.

A couple more years pass and I noticed that the Vortek springs have closed spring ends, plus I read several positive reviews so I ordered this bare spring from Vortek to "try again"............
LOL....I was very pleased that my existing HW spring guide actually fit the spring snugly with no twang or vibration so there was no need to cut a new guide, only a top hat. As with the PG2 kit, within 2500 shots I noticed that my velocity had dropped 30fps so I pulled that spring, again reverting back to a Maccari offering.

Anywhoo......if indeed the current Vortek offerings are "long lived" I'd be pleased to give them another try but I'm a bit "gun shy" at the moment. I remember the first complete Maccari spring kit I bought a couple decades ago for my .177 Beeman R10 and when new the springer was shooting 7.9 grain pellets at 910fps. After a couple years shooting 10,000 pellets per year when living in West Virginia the velocity was still 905fps after shooting 25,000 shots on the same spring (shot count judged by counting empty pellet tins and boxes).

When living in West Virginia my brother and I would make the 1 1/2 hour trek to DIFTA field target matches in Damascus. Even after moving to North Carolina I would do the "monthly DIFTA match" because I would be taking care of the empty WV property. After selling the WV property I no longer made it to the DIFTA club and since their current "match days" are on Sundays I doubt that I'd be shooting there even if I still lived in WV. I'm currently associated with the THAGC in NC and their matches are held on Saturdays. Here are the web sites.............

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