My FWB 124D part 4- shooting sessioin

October 9 2017 at 8:44 PM

Randy Stratman  (Login randy_68)

Finally had time to sit down and shoot the 124 and get it sighted in. I put a couple hundred shots through it just plinking over the last few weeks so now it was time to shoot some groups. When I first shot it it was shooting 765 with the 8.4 JSB then it climbed to 785 and now it seems to have settled at about 810. I'm very happy with that.

The group's were shot at 30 yards from a bench with the fore end resting loosely in my hand on a bag. Rear stock against my shoulder with no support. They're not the best group's but not bad and I'm happy with the results. Just have to remember how to hold the fore end each shot for consistency. I also broke out the RWS 52 and shot a few group's to see how it compared. The 52 spits out the Crosman 7.9 at 925 with the vortek kit installed. This is a T01 version and the trigger is also a little lighter and crisper than the 124 but the 124 trigger isn't too bad, especially since I added a homemade trigger shoe.

The breech on the 124 is tighter than the 52 and definatley prefers the JSB pellets. The RWS prefers Crosmans as it scatters JSB's which fit loosely. I did shoot some Predators in it to see how they would do. Not too bad actually

Anyway here are some targets I shot. No cherrypicking as these were all I shot before it got dark. The one low shot was at a fly that landed on my target but I missed him.

The squares are 1" and all group's are 5 shots. On the second set of targets I had one exceptional group going then pulled one high. It is the top group.

I used to think I shot the 52 better than what these targets show but it is what it is.

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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