JM (Mr. Jim Maccari) has been serving the Airgun community for decades

October 9 2017 at 11:38 PM
Klentz  (Login klentz)

Response to JM kits

He has been a USA distributor for multiple manufacturers, a consultant for many manufacturers, was an Airgun tuner extrodinair for many oversees Airguns and now provides parts and kits from his massive machine shop that keeps many Airguns alive that would be obsolete without his parts and support.

Nonetheless with his extensive knowledge and background he is still approachable if you are clear and concise with your questions and have patience for a response. Bear in mind that he's not like a FORUM and you shouldn't expect a back and forth dialogue like you enjoy here on the YELLOW FORUM.

Ask your question(s) once and in my experience he unselfishly shares his knowledge and insight but is decades beyond having the desire or time for idle banter with those of us that think we know more about Airguns because we read a lot about them on the internet vs. actually being inside many Airguns alongside witnessing firsthand the history of manufacturing and in some cases playing a key role in manufacturers decisions in the evolution/improvements of Airgun models.

ps-Josh, I think you would be better served if you spent more time shooting your guns than typing on your computer. This is meant in a very respectful tone and demeanor. Blessings

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