I have a .357 Slayer and it is built very very well and

October 11 2017 at 4:05 AM
James Holmes  (Login AAS410)

Response to American air arms

is worth what I paid for it. I want to buy one of their new Evol Tac Rifles in .30 or .25

Tom is very good at designing these rifles and making them a rigid shooting platform and also light which takes a lot of machining knowledge.

Even the magazines for my Slayer rifle are built like a tank. His side lever cocking linkage makes other side lever cocking rifles linkages look weak IMHO. The other rifles did not break or anything but I could not imagine that they could be close to as strong as his design.

Even the air tube and the shroud are made out of Titanium on my .357 Slayer. I think that the new Evol line of rifles also use Titanium air tubes.

I believe that when I buy a Evol rifle from him that it very well may be that last air rifle that I ever buy.

I have two other rifles made by Wicked Air Rifles (Owned by Jim Gaska) that are very accurate. One is .30 Flex Cobra and the other is .25 but I will probably sell the .25 to help me get the money for a Evol.

It is hard to sell one of these rifles because they are both so accurate but that is probably the only way I can pay for a Evol. since losing my Job.

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