October 11 2017 at 10:03 PM
Steve D  (Login sd5782)

Response to Spacing

This kit came spaced up to nearly max. It is one of his "older" kits and has 29 coils of .128 wire and a delrin spacer of 1.16". Maxed out at 4.87. The easier installation is with the spacer rather than compressing more coils.

On another gun, I once thought the JM spring had weakened, when in fact the leather to synthetic piston head had loosened and unscrewed and caused a shorter stroke. I don't doubt the JM spring in this one is more than fine also.

I just took .020" off the seal face where the center was protruding a bit, it is now flat or perhaps .005" concave. The seal still had the annular mold lines around the outer ring, so it was obvious it never bottomed out except in the center.

As you said 10fpe is not great in this gun. I like the 8-12 fpe guns, but unless I make an effort to detune something, I like to know that my guns are performing properly, and THEN I can do what I wish. And yes, no loads of tar. In fact, I almost never use it in anything now.

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