6x BugBuster on my "Beater" Mini, 5-15x40 Bushnell Legend on my 300SU (Edited)

October 11 2017 at 10:29 PM

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Response to what do you guys use for a scope on your fwb 300s

I plan to replace the 6x BugBuster as I can't really see wine corks very clearly at 50 yards with it. I must say, it's perfect for indoors, & very nice for outside out to about 35-40 yards. Since my "Beater" didn't come with sights, the BugBuster really came in handy.

The Legend on my hot shooting 300SU is nice, but I find the reticle a little too thick.

I think I'd prefer an older Leapers / Center Point 3-9x32 that still focuses down to 5 yards over the 6x BugBuster for my "Beater" mini 300S Match, & maybe one of my MTC Mamba Lite scopes, or maybe one of my SWFA 10x scopes, for the hot shooting 300S Universal (does a fair bit over 700 fps as received from Jim Edmondson).

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