Ring height, shims

November 8 2017 at 10:12 AM
Jason  (Login nervoustrigger)

Response to Medium Rings

Actually, the difference between medium and high rings is pretty insignificant when it comes to being able to zero the scope. For a 15 yard zero, it's somewhere in the ballpark of 1 - 2 MoA...so you're looking at 4 to 8 clicks on a typical 1/4MoA turret. Actually closer to the low end of that range if I'm remembering the typical saddle heights correctly.

To deal with the elevation misalignment, you have a few options. Shimming the base of the rings works fine if done in modest amounts. For example, shims cut from a soda can typically measure 0.005" thick. I don't like to use more than 3 layers, 4 tops. However if you are dealing with a springer, shims can be problematic because they make slippage much more likely. So for a springer, I prefer to either give the barrel a slight tweak or use a drooper mount.

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