Before you going bending the barrel or buying new rings, you need to figure out if.....

November 9 2017 at 2:37 AM
ChrisK  (Login r1lover)

Response to scope mounting problem

....there is a problem with the gun, the rings or the scope. First things first: ask your son if the gun ever discharged when the barrel was open. If so the barrel might actually be bent upwards and require bending back down. Assuming that's not the case, I'd do a little experimenting before I start buying stuff. You'll need another gun to do this. You say the scope is new. There could be a problem with it. Is it under warranty? I bought my wife a new Burris Timberline 4.5-14 AO scope a few years back and there was not enough windage adjustment to get her HW 30 on target. I determined it was her scope and not the gun or the rings by doing the following. First I removed her Burris, leaving the rings attached to her HW 30. Then I removed a Clearidge from the rings on my R7. I installed her Burris in the rings on my R7 and encountered the same windage problem as we had with the Burris on her HW 30; not enough adjustment to get on target. To be doubly sure, I installed the Clearidge that was on my R7 in the rings of her HW 30 and had no problem sighting in the HW 30. Now I realize one scope may have greater range of adjustment than the other, but the Burris exhibited the same problem on two different guns/ring sets. That didn't make sense. I sent the scope back to Burris with an explanation that went over the head of whoever I spoke with in the service dept., but it didn't matter because they took the scope apart, cleaned it, checked it, told me there was nothing wrong with it, returned it and viola! I was able to sight in her gun. I don't know what they did and maybe they don't know either or weren't admitting it, but the gremlins jumped out and the scope is now serviceable. I'm just saying it might be worth trying to discover the cause of your frustration before buying new parts or bending the barrel.

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