"youths and adults that will bottom out the cocked barrel"

November 9 2017 at 10:09 AM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Barrel Bending

I never had a HW95 or R9 barrel get bent simply by cocking until I took a friend to a field target match using my .177 HW95 (a pretty stiff barrel). I demonstrated the cocking and loading of the "95" and then we shared the gun for some hunter class field target shooting. After shooting a few lanes I noticed that my friend was "ham fisting" the cocking and commented that the barrel only needed to be cocked till the safety set, however the damage had already been done. After returning home I shot a few bulls upstairs at 18 yards and found that indeed there was a LOT of droop from "ham fisting".

I put the barrel "to the tweaker" restoring the correct poi. Without a "barrel tweaker" it's easy to add "snoop" if needed at my practice lane using my barrel tweaking tree, however "the tree" can't be used to add "droop" if needed. After changing a scope mount (or whatever) I usually need to "adjust" my barrel, however if I do the adjustments at the practice lane I've occasionally resorted to some slow careful "ham fisted" cocking to add droop. I can attest that with my R9/HW95 the "pulling pressure" on the barrel to affect as little as 1/2" poi shift at 30 yards is EXTREME! I do know that the new design sintered metal HW95 cocking shoe that rides the edges of the cocking shoe slot has held up to this abuse the couple times, but that's no guarantee that all will survive. Newer design HW cocking shoe.....
As a side note, I would have serious reservations using the above barrel bending method to add droop with guns like the Dianas, Gamos etc. that use a double jointed cocking lever for cocking the piston.
I've deliberately added droop to my HW barrels by carefully "past latchup" but I prefer using the "eye bolt tweaker". The "tweaker" removes stress from the barrel to pivot block joint, cocking shoe linkage, cocking lever, piston latch rod, trigger components, so on and so forth.

Here is an example of a R1 piston liner that was damaged by "ham fisting" on the old style cocking shoe that was supported only by the piston liner..........

Anywhoo.....a barrel bend required to move the poi 3" at only 18 yards can't even be seen with the naked eye! Barrels are often bent at the factory to have a straight bore........
After seeing this pic of airgun barrel bending (reported to be very accurate), I question the importance of a perfectly straight bore at pellet gun velocities.....

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