Agreed, however the height of the scope above the bore...........

November 10 2017 at 9:30 AM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Changing the height of scope does not flatten trajectory!

DOES change where the near zero, midrange height, and the far zero happens. A scope set low favors near distances and a scope set high favors far distances to the detriment of the closer shots.

While I haven't found ChairGun output to be close enough to my actual trajectory from my HW95, it's still close enough to play with scope height vs the near/far zero. It's also rather easy to prove simply by shooting with a scope set in medium height rings vs a scope mounted in 30mm high height rings.

One of the issues I have using holdover aiming for hunter class field target matches with a 30mm tube scope set in high mounts is that the pellet rise to my 30 yard zero is very rapid from the muzzle to the line of sight which makes the "short range distance guesstimation" more critical than when the scope is mounted lower to the receiver.

Bottom line....while scope mounting has nothing to do with pellet trajectory, it does affect the "near zero/far zero" distance.

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