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November 11 2017 at 8:03 AM
MDriskill  (Login MDriskill)

Response to Re: the RWS is heads above the 800 as David states, you might

...a very nice boxed Scorpion was at the Hickory show last month (don't recall seller or price unfortunately!). They are "out there" if you are patient.

Just curious, have you considered the HW 45/P1 at all? Very nice and hard-shooting pistol in a more compact format, pricey but easy to find of course. I love mine.

Another OOP higher-powered barrel-cocker you might consider is the LP8's predecessor, the Diana LP5 Magnum. This interesting design used the empty space available at the rear of the classic old LP5's receiver tube (which was shared with the LP6 double-piston recoilless pistol), to get a longer spring and more piston travel in there. It also has more traditional blued-steel construction, as opposed to the LP8's cast outer shell.

Neither here nor there I guess, but a friend of mine had a Scorpion back in the day--fun to shoot, but wow it was one big ol' heavy hog-leg of a handgun! I remembered thinking a light rifle (meaning R7, Diana 27, BSA Meteor in those halcyon days) would be about as easy to carry, have similar power, and be a lot easier for me to actually hit something with, LOL... happy.gif

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