I would tend to spend a bit more.

November 11 2017 at 6:40 PM
Chris  (Login RockDoc65)

Response to Airgun Pistol Scope Recommendations

I put a BSA Edge 2X pistol scope on a Beeman P1. It lasted less than a month. Point-of-impact with regards to point-of-aim changed with each shot. Groups were smaller with open sights. Noticed that the scope had developed a distinct rattle when shaken gently. In BSA's defense they replaced the scope. I sold the replacement unopened, at a loss.

I also didn't care for the field of view on a Weaver 1-4X that I once owned. On 4X it looked more like 1X and at 1X the target actually seemed smaller, like looking through a scope backwards. Heavy edge distortion as well. I sold that one too (with full disclosure and a money-back offer) and the new owner was completely fine with it. Maybe it was my eyes.

I never did try a Leupold or Burris pistol scope. I'd like to one day. I put a Burris FastFire3 on that Beeman and love it.

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