I sympathize with your position.

November 11 2017 at 9:18 PM
Chris  (Login RockDoc65)

Response to Chris

I wish I had more hands-on experience that I could share. We all hear and read a lot and want to share that info but it's really not that useful. You want to hear from guys that actually put scope X on the same gun you have and lived to tell about it. I try to only speak on things I've done. So here is all I can offer:

This is what I KNOW from actual experience:

I killed a BSA Edge 2X pistol scope on a Beeman P1
I killed two "under $40" red-dots on a P1; one panoramic type, one tube type
Weaver 1-4X are not pleasant to look through but I never put it on the P1
I would not put more than a 2X on a pistol, I just can't hold them still enough
The Burris FastFire3 is a rock and I love it on the P1, but you don't want a red-dot, I get this
Burris pistol scopes are kind of expensive (to my budget)
Leupold pistol scopes are VERY expensive (to my budget)

Here is what I strongly suspect:

The Burris and Leupold would likely hold up
If they didn't I suspect their warranties would hold up

Here is what I would do:

Call or email Leupold and Burris and ask; If I put your scope on my gun and it fails will you man up?
If they both said yes I'd probably have to go with the Burris for budget reasons
If one said no I'd go with the other
If both said no I'd get another FastFire3 and deal with the limitations of a red-dot, they are lightning on small game/pests

Hope this helps/

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