Front and rear apertures can shoot very small groups

November 12 2017 at 7:01 PM

Brushy Bill  (Login BrushyBill)

Response to Precision at longer distances???

If you are willing to get used to using them.
Of course you will not shoot a dime sized dot well at 50 yards with them.

But if that dime sized dot is in the center of a 3.89 diameter black target,
(A23/3 A23/5 A23/6 smallbore targets. x-ring is 0.390 dia, as apposed to a 0.705 dia dime )
it is very possible for you to hammer the center out of it.

Folks here say "you can't hit what you can't see" I would bet that most of those who say it
never really invested much time in using front and rear apertures, or had the need to.

You cant see that 0.040 ten dot in the center of a 10 meter air rifle target standing at
10 meters away, but if you do your part, you can sure destroy it using front and rear apertures.

You can't see that 10.00 inch x-ring in the center of a 1000 yard rifle target while
laying prone looking through those front and rear apertures. But, again if you do your part
you can sure as hell hit it.

Front and rear apertures excel at shooting known distances at conventional targets.
This is why you won't see them at the local field target matches, or any of them for that matter.

In our weekly 50ft. 3P smallbore matches, I shot a scope for a full season before I could get my hands
on a good set of apertures. When I made the switch, my scores did drop the first couple of weeks.
Shooting scope, I never was able to break 292 of 300 possible.
Once I got used to the apertures, I was able to shoot a personal best of 296 three times.

In NRA highpower, nearly all "match class" rifles use them. The "service rifle class" uses a
rear aperture with a front post. Those shooters usually shoot "pumpkin on a post" hold.
Which is basically a six o'clock hold on the black.

I have personally competed from 10 meters to 1000 yards with them, I enjoy using them.
But, I am the type who would rather shoot standing than from a bench any day.

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