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November 13 2017 at 10:17 AM

SteveP  (Login ColdAir707)

Response to Mike, would Lucas Red& Tacky essentially be the same lube? (It's what I have) Thanks! nt.

Mike, I was just about to respond to Mike's video. The lube he uses looks exactly like R&T. I was doing some research on lubes and decided to give that a try. Powder burners swear by it. Lubricant technology is constantly evolving and I thought that there must be another alternative to moly lubes. I have an RWS M40 that was shooting OK, but was a bit graunchy when cocked. I don't have a spring compressor, so I applied the R&T with a brush through the slot. I applied it a little heavy, figuring it would migrate with use. After a few shots all the graunchyness disappeared and the shot cycle improved. It is shooting with only about 3 fps standard deviation, so I know it is lubed well and running properly.

As a side note, this gun came with the typical RWS bone dry chamber. My research led me to Microlubrol Armasil High Performance 100% silicone oil. A couple of drops worked wonders for me, but as usual, anyone that tries it do so based on your own research and YMMV.

For years I have been using Royal Purple Synfilm as a pellet lube for my PCP's and CO2 guns. Again, another highly advanced lube that works extremely well for me.
I thought I was wrong once... But I was mistaken!

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