I have the Indy...

November 13 2017 at 1:29 PM
Rick Plumb  (Login pluric)

Response to HI guys! I'm considering purchasing an FX Independence. Any good reasons not to?? N/t

...I assume they are similar in function. I bought it to leave at a second home
that at the time didn't have an air source. It doesn't get the most shooting
action but I do pull it out for guests and occasional personal use. Yes it is
a little heavy. The accuracy is up to FX expectations. The low shot count is
kind of a drag if there is a lot of target action. I have too many other high
shot count options to shoot over the Indy. I do like the gun and plan to keep it.
I've never had any issues other than on occasion the pump will not fill. I pump
it some and it will fix its self. I can't remember if shooting it down low will
help or charging it to full pressure. One or the other cures the pump ill.

Normally just pumping it a few times between shot opportunities leaves me ready
for the next pest. Letting it go way low takes quite a few pumps to bring it
up to full pressure. Mine's a .25 caliber.

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