Iron Sights make a shooter out of plinkers

November 13 2017 at 9:59 PM
shootski  (Login shootski)

Response to Front and rear apertures can shoot very small groups

Brushy Bill 👍 X 2

Understand that I have quite a few scopes some are relatively inexpensive and some cost 2 to 8 times the cost of the average Airguns discussed on the Yellow. I also have a number of Iron Sights on my Service Rifles,hunting rifles and airguns which cost more than most of the scopes discussed on the Yellow. Oh! I'm going to be 69 in about a month an a half. When I go to the range I do push-ups/burpies to get my heart going like it would while stalking on my Backcountry skis, snowshoes or competition skinny skis shooting the FIVE BIATHLON falling plates at 50M (reduced diameter for prone.) I shoot prone or standing with a proper sling (many of you would do well to own three or more types and get away from the BENCH more often 😱) and shoot with shooting gloves to isolate my pulse from my weapon.

I believe you can all be more fit, even only by walking more, and you will enjoy your shooting more. My humble understanding and RESPECT for those of you who are Wounded Warriors or have some non Service related disability; the rest of you need to get OFF your BUTTS more often and move and learn/wean yourselves away from the BENCH.

TO YOUR HEALTH and Happiness!


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