Impact experience.

November 13 2017 at 10:49 PM
Rick Plumb  (Login pluric)

Response to FX Impact

Um, how much time do you have? happy.gif I bought two if them. I wanted my
son to be on the same playing field so I gave one to him. He shoots his
as a .25. I switch between .22, .25 and .30. I loved it as a .22 but have
several very accurate .22's so I mainly leave it as a .30 now.

I use JSB as well as my son. Lately he is using the 33gr MKII. On my
.30 I tried the 50 gr and they were ok but went back to the 44gr.
We both keep them in the lower 800's for fps. He was influenced by
Ted's Holdover that won the EBR last year using JSB 33gr shooting
at 830 fps.

This my initial test of the gun when I first got it.

With the .30 barrel,

[linked image]

As a .22 at 28 yards.

[linked image]

JSB Kings in a .25

[linked image]

Compared to my Cricket at 28 yards.

[linked image]

My son and I went to the EBR this year for the first time. He had sent
his Impact to Ernest Rowe for a tune. Here is a 50 yard 5 shot test
before leaving.

[linked image]

I'd bought him a FX Boss thinking that might be a better option.
After shooting that last string he didn't even bring it to the

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