How Many Fills from a 4500psi 90 cubic inch Tank?

December 1 2017 at 11:22 PM
Larry  (Login Nalajr)

Hey all,

I looked at the post talking about a SALE on these Benjamin tanks at Midway USA......These are the kinds of tanks I have been seeing for sale on some of the Paintball board Classifieds. I think they are the same capacity and I know they are 4500psi cause they list it in the description.

Now, what I am wanting to know is how useful a tank of this size and pressure would be with a basic Benjamin Marauder or other similarly performing PCP rifle.

In the listing for this tank, the description says you can take it with you and fill it with a SCUBA tank. Is that true? I didn't think SCUBA tanks were 4500psi.

Please excuse me on these questions as I have never, ever had any experience with this kind of stuff.

Lets say I fill my Marauder at first with this tank. Then I shoot it until the velocity drops off. When I go to top it back off, how many times could I do this with that size tank after I filled it up initially? Would it give me 3 top offs, 5, 10, what do you think it would be?

I'm just trying to gauge whether I should get a tank like this when I see a great deal on a USED one to get into the PCP game.

Thanks all.

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