The Caldwell may be a good option

December 2 2017 at 1:09 PM
Gordon D  (Login gordonid)

Response to What Chrony & printer to get? I know nothing.... Questions please...

I bought the early Caldwell chronograph that had the IR light kit and was advertised to connect to a smart phone via a cable. I didn't have a smart phone then but thought that would change later. I love the IR light kit and have very few errors. These early models had some issues with the connection to a smart phone but after I got a smart phone I found using a different cable hookup worked and I understand the issue has been corrected on the newer models. If the new cable hookup didn't work I was going to buy the new G2 model.

Their new G2 version looks unique to say the least but should save the screens being shot and uses the IR lighting. It also uses bluetooth to connect to a smart phone and records the shot string. Once in the phone it can be mailed to yourself so data can be downloaded to your computer for analysis.

As for printer -- it doesn't have one but if you've got a computer setup with a printer you're good to go. On my printer setup, I got fed up with the inkjets that use cartridges which clog up if not used often and are expensive. I looked around and found a Dell color laser printer for $100 plus change that had roughly 750 pages worth of printed pages before toners needed replacing. Toners are expensive but don't clog up like inkjets do.

There are holiday sales on the Caldwell G2 now -- I did a quick search and found Amazon and Walmart both had good deals on them.

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