Cheap springers $100 deal...

December 2 2017 at 2:01 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

CZ 634 is cheap (like $100) BECASE it's ugly.

In this case, the price does not refelct the ability of the springer to shoot's just that the plastic two-tone stock is either a horrid black and blue or an eye hurting red and blue.

So...rejoice in the ugly factor making the rifles avaialbe for $ will not find a better $100 spent on a springer.

What is hiding under that is pretty darned good spring with the old school steel construction of the 1950's and 1960's.

Super refined, it ain't.

Solid and accurate, it is.

#1. They make plastic friendly paint in nearly any color you have in mind. If the plastic stock is degreased before application, it seems it can last for years without touch up (I'm about due for a touch up).

If you want "tacti-cool" black, cammo pattern, sky blue, hot pink, deseret brown, or whatever you've the urge's a paint job away.

Went with gray prime/battle ship gray/ CSA gray...depending on how you see simple gray.

photo 9882df91-653c-474a-b63a-7de46709cc76.jpg

#2. Trigger unit is super simple, and not too difficult to get at least a "decent" trigger pull from. Give up on fake-two-stage and go for a crisp 1 stage trigger.

#3. Either blue-lock tite the bedding screws or epoxy bed the stock to a "neutral" stress setting. The first is easier.

#4. The barrel latch works fine. The hinge felt a bit "loose".

I like a pivot that is just tight enough that after the break barrel is cocked, it coloses smootly...but with enough resistance that if I stop 1/2 way closed, the barrel doesn't just drop down from gravity.

photo 5e4f1f7d-6abf-4ab2-99f3-03457b8b1c5e.jpg

With that 1898 type Mauser locking screw/scaloped screw head, looks like it would be easy toadjust. It kind of is. But in my case, the "right" setting was between the scallops. Locked into one, was really loose...locked into the next, was super tight.

So I removed the screw and put a thin washer under it. With a little trial and error, stoned the washer until it felt "right" and the locking screw fit into one of the scallops (Yeah...I did bugger the screw slot up a little in the process).

This is where I left it in September.

photo 1b08ec7e-b4f0-4915-a6fe-aba8839b4fa6.jpg

This is where is was today in Decemeber (basically a 3 month lay-off from shooting this rifle).

photo c532f392-1bab-4fec-ab82-8806e842c0e4.jpg

How is this bad for a $100 willing to put out 6 5-shot targets at 20 yards at one sitting that's better? issued it is certainly UGLY (which may be why the last of them are on sale for $100)...isn't "over powered"...isn't "over scoped"...and isn't delicate.

photo 81291ca5-557f-40ae-85a4-907a354311b4.jpg

But I figure if I'm going to judge my PCP's, CO2's, SSP's, MSP's on a basis of 4 or 5 5-shot groups averages, I may as well judge the springers by the same yardstick. Not just the one group where everything went "right" but by the average of 20 or 30 shots.

This $100 springer passes.

OK...$100...ingore the color as you'll paint it.

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