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December 2 2017 at 4:32 PM

C. Jones  (Login limbshaker)

Response to No Idea?

I have had a Webley Spectre (FX Cyclone) for a few years and it's hands down the flimsiest rifle I've ever owned. It's only failed a couple times from poorly machined trigger parts and brass parts shaving themselves to bits. But it usually functions fine and is accurate so I like it.

Ever seen the trigger setup on a Royale/Cyclone and a lot of FXs? Pretty cheesy and not really even a two stage. But it works.

And how about the issues with the Impact?

There is a reason they are lightweight.

Most are great rifles, but all the ones I've shot and owned were far from "robust". But that may not be a factor in some folks decisions and that's perfectly understandable.

The "tinkering" I was referring to with the Crown was all the tuneable parts. Swapping barrel liners, twist rates, regulator settings, etc. If you like to tinker with adjustments and tuning, it's right up your alley. If the thought of knocking something out of whack and not knowing how to adjust it back into place scares you, then the Crown would be a poor fit for you.

The opposite can be said for the RAW. Not as much "tinkering" available, but it just shoots very good right from the box with a very unlikely chance of ever needing adjustments.

It's all in what each particular airgunner is looking for. And luckily for us, there are choices to suit everyone.

Unlucky for me, I'm poor so I couldn't afford either! happy.gif

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