December 2 2017 at 6:39 PM
JW652  (Login JW652)

Response to RAW 1000X or FX Crown .25 cal

Just received a .25 HM 1000X with the slow twist poly barrel and I have never held a more perfect hunter - at least by my standards.

Bought my first PCP in 1991. Played the FT Circuit seriously for 15 years and served for seven years on the AAFTA BOG.
Have been fortunate to have friends who let me shoot almost every FT rifle available. And although my own FT rifle was a Whiscombe, the safe is full of pcps from a variety of makers.

That said, the .25 HMX shoots as well at the FT distance of 55 yds as any rifle I have ever handled. The trigger is superb beyond description.
At 100 yds with 34 gr. JSBs it smacks the tar out of 2" heavy steel spinner. IMHO opinion, Martin makes the best sporter out there and has the best service. That includes my Air Wolf that I custom ordered from Gary when he still owned the company. Got an extra trigger and battery pack expecting to love it forever. However, after two weeks the bottle started leaning and it has been a safe queen ever since as I wasn't impressed enough to bother to fix it.

Just my opinion, but go for the EAW product.

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