You still aren't getting it...

December 2 2017 at 6:48 PM

C. Jones  (Login limbshaker)

Response to You lost me at "cheesy and not even a two stage"

Let me clarify, again.

First off, I never said the trigger in the Royale was bad or performed poorly. But it is a rather, um, "agricultural" design. But it works, and works well.

I'm not criticizing the Crown because of it's adjustable features. I'm just saying that a totally adjustable/tuneable/tinkerable rifle is not for everyone, and especially the guy who can't change a breech seal oring or other small maintenance task. The RAW would be better for a guy in those shoes. It's simple, not super adjustable, and overbuilt.

Now for the guy that can reseal his own rifle, tune a PCP for the desired power at the most efficiency, and experiment with twist rates to accomplish what he wants, the Crown is the right rifle for him. He would probably find the RAW rather boring and lame.

Everyone is different, and wants something different. Myself, I like the RAW because they shoot great and are proven rugged. That's important because of the type of hunting I do. I'm not a paper puncher.

Speaking of different kinds of people, I can tell from your attitude that a rifle called "The Crown" would be the ONLY rifle worthy to grace your hands ... LOL See? Something for everyone. wink.gif

And on another note, I ride junky ole Suzukis and Yamahas. I see you are a KTM fan. Naturally, FX rifles would suit you better. happy.gif

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