I really didn't know much at all about these rifles...

December 3 2017 at 4:40 PM
MikefromMidland  (Select Login MScottLeeman)

Response to that model 82 sight is a very hard sight to find and as

I saw it for sale at a local firearm dealer and it looked beautiful and very well made. I bought it on the spot, figuring something may be wrong with it. Got it home,loaded a pellet,fired it..and no hole in the target. This was back in 2007,I believe. I'm pretty handy with airguns,so I researched how to rebuild it. I'll tell ya,there was Nooo way I was going to get "elbow deep in the neck-bone pot" and risk screwing up this work of art! Fast forward to 2016 and I Finally sent it out to Airgunwerks, scared to death that something bad might occur in transit. Everything went smooth,thank God! I see the manufacture date of 05 84 right under the base of the cocking arm on the receiver tube. Mr. Slade advised me to remove the rear sight for shipping,BTW. He commented on the condition, saying I got an Excellent deal! I currently have a Hawke 3-9x40 Airmax on it and have the 82 sight on my Vortek tuned R-7. Best deal I think I'll ever get! Lol!!

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