December 3 2017 at 7:26 PM
Jim in SWMO  (Login jmhenrichs)

Response to Just so we're clear...

Far as I know the 240 Classic is made by Diana in Germany. I got mine in 2011 and it's stamped made in Germany. But maybe Scott will let us know how his is stamped when he gets it. FWIW, Longbow bought one earlier this year and he said that his was stamped "DE 2016". The "DE" stamping is an abbreviation for Deutschland and means that it's a product of Germany, according to a European gun law which requires the country of origin to be stamped on guns.

But Diana's new model "250" looks like it might be made in China. It has the safety in the trigger guard like a Crosman or Gamo springer does. Check out page 25 of the 2017 Diana catalog to see what the "250" looks like.

Edit: The guy in this YouTube video says that the new model "250" is made in China. But it looks like the production version has a T05/T06 style safety instead of the one pictured in the Diana catalog which is in the trigger guard. Scroll down in the comments and read the comment by "Cheap Shot" and the OP's reply to him.

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