Pellet weight and gas-rams

December 3 2017 at 7:42 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

2 Questions about gas ram springers.
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#1. While there is some debate about heavy weight pellets in spring-springers, are gas rams more immune to the possible heavy weight pellet problems?

#2. Not a "carp load" of reason to soft-ball toss 34gr. at 440fps, but it does shoot them well. So whatevert the problems others have been having with heavy weight 25's, it's likly not speed-stablity.

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Some general observations:

1. Yep...I know I need some "right" added to the little 4X scope, but once I got started, didn't want to change anything in the midde of shooting.

2. Big holes in paper always look closer together than small's that center-to-center thing.

3. Logic would have that the 19-21gr. pellets would be best in a slow .25....just has not worked out that way at all.

4. Not a use everyone has but it's about as good an urban rat-rifle as I could design. Shooting at much past 20-25 yards is like tossing lawn-darts, but the low speed "thunk" of larger chunks of lead tends to get a rodent's attention without blowing holes in the shed's siding or the shop's tin roof.

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