CZ200 velocity problem

December 3 2017 at 9:22 PM
Brazos  (Login Brazos2)

I have a friend with a .22 caliber CZ (AA)200S. He bought it used and has had an issue with it and brought it to me to check out. I put it on my chronograph and it did the same thing for me. First I took the air cylinder off my CZ200 and put it on his rifle. I figure using my chrono and my air cylinder took two possible problems out of the equation. When we shot it the first 5 shots were very tight, around 835fps, take or give a couple fps. Then instantly it started shooting in the 750fps range and again for 4-5 shots that were very tight fps wise. Then it shot up to the 815fps range for 4-5 shoots that were very tight fps wise. I stopped there as it was doing exactly as he described. The velocity is very tight for 4-5 shots and then instantly jumps up or down 50fps and shoots tight 4-5 times and jumps 50 fps again. No classic curve. What would cause this on a CZ200? One thought I had since shooting the rifle is he had it turned up pretty hot to be shooting a .22 caliber pellet in the 830fps range. This is a CZ200 and I am not sure what velocity a .22 cal CZ200S should be shooting but that seems too fast. Maybe the main spring is over tightened?

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