Crown or Raw

December 4 2017 at 12:53 AM
Dave Larson   (Login Buzzurd5)

Response to RAW 1000X or FX Crown .25 cal

Hi Bill, I have both rifles and they are spectacular, tremendously accurate and very well made. In my opinion the Raw is a flawless nearly perfect rifle, it’s heavy and everything is machined so beautifully. The side lever is so smooth and the trigger is excellent. The only thing that the Crown has over the Raw (in my opinion) is weight. The Crown is not as finely finished as the Raw, and the side lever isn’t quite as smooth. Both are tremendously accurate. The Raw trigger is slightly better than the Crown, but the Crown trigger is excellent too.
A.Z. told me that the Raw would be more trouble free as the years go by, because it’s built so perfectly and is so stout. He called it the flagship of air rifles of today!
The Crown is a bit more comfortable to shoot for me because it’s so much lighter and the balance is awesome, for hunting I’d pick the Crown over the Raw. Both are ridiculously accurate and I cannot say one is better than the other.
I have a FX Royal .177 that is my overall favorite gun, laser accurate and light weight with perfect balance. The only negative thing I’ve ever experienced with the FX Royal is that the two stage trigger has degraded into a spongy one stage trigger. It’s still a excellent trigger, very light, but the distinct two stage is gone. I’m not sure if I can adjust it back, I am going to ask A.Z. about it because I would like it to be two stage again.
I’m not confident enough to experiment to try and get it back...anyone know if it’s easy to adjust FX triggers?
Bill, you will love either one for sure!
I’m so impressed with the Crown that it’s going to be my .25 and A.Z. is going to convert the Raw into a hot long range .177 with a poly barrel. He said that it will get tons of high power shots. Hopefully my opinion can help you decide.

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