Inside TX200 and LGU comparison

December 4 2017 at 11:54 AM
Jerry  (Login glr59)

So I have a full power LGU. Purchased from a USA dealer. The gun shoots very nicely. Smooth and no twang. Running AA 8.4gr at 885 FPS. Too fast for me. I want sub 12ftlbs. Ordered a Walther 12ftlb kit and wanted to show a comparison before putting it all together. I have a feeling after installing the kit it still is going to be running too hot. But we will see.

In the picture you will see the OEM set up as it came. The OEM spring is 34 coils with .129 wire.. The 12ftlb kit is also 34 coils and .129 wire but much shorter. This is why I'm pretty sure its still going to be too hot.

Below is a new piston. The kit came with this piston, which you can see is identical in size and length. The OEM full power piston is 254 gram and the new piston is 252grams. I would consider that the same since I didn't wipe off the grease on the original yet.

Below that I have a TX200 MKI piston for comparison. It's shorter and weighs 240grams. I'm guessing it weighs slightly less then that with a traditional piston seal vs the o-ring seal it is sporting at the moment.

The transfer port diameter of the Walther measured by my cheap calibers is 3mm. I add that info since I've read there may be different sizes.

My first impressions are that everything is made very well. The only thing that is out of place as far as finishing goes is the latching area of the piston rod. I've already polished the end of the new piston and will do the same on the original before putting it back together. This area seems completely unfinished. Scaly and rough. I have no idea how or why they would leave the latching area like this.

So a little comparison that some may find interesting

Just for giggles I may see if the LGU piston fits in the TX200. They both are 25mm. Just to see what the extra weight does.

Jerry L.

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