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December 4 2017 at 12:50 PM
MDriskill  (Login MDriskill)

Response to What Kind of Money for these Diana 75 Rifles??

As Michael mentioned, the most commonly encountered stock on the model 75 is the early standard model with "portholes" in the fore end. Nice but very much a late-70's esthetic with the somewhat "squared up" look seen on the FWB 300S and other match guns of the day.

Fairly early on, they made a version usable for 3-position shooting, the 75 HV. It is similar to the standard stock but a bit sleeker in the front, and with the significant addition of an adjustable-height cheek piece. Very nice-handling variant that is often overlooked.

The 75 K Running Boar version is very rare, I've read that less than 200 (?) were made. The stock was a completely new design with more modern lines, a wide rounded fore end, and a new style of adjustable cheekpiece--really lovely to my eye. The true hallmarks of this version are the scope rail that runs nearly the full length of the receiver tube, no factory sights (running boar is shot with a scope), and a modified single-stage trigger.

The 75 U Universal version pretty much copied the K stock, but with the standard T01 action of course. It was supplied with a bunch of accessories (muzzle weights, sight goodies, butt spacers, and a removable flat hand rest that went in front of the trigger guard), and is widely considered the best all-round version of the gun. Quite a find.

The model 100 pneumatic replaced the 75 as Diana's top match air rifle. The 75 hung around as a cheaper alternative but with simplified stocks that were beech, not walnut, and with no checkering or stippling. There were two variants--the 75 B stock is sort of a trimmed-down version of the HV's lines, while the 75 S was a similar treatment of the U's stock design.

If not as pretty as the walnut versions, the B and S were the last 75's made (i.e., the least old and with the best internal bits), handle well with nice trim lines, and can be found for pretty reasonable money.

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