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December 4 2017 at 2:00 PM
Larry Pirrone  (Login RISKDR72)

Response to Inside TX200 and LGU comparison

If you want to get it down to sub 12 fpe I suggest you get a Macarri .125 wire 31 coil TX spring and take off two coils and close the tag coil and grind and polish the end to square it up. It will start at right about 12 fpe and settle to about 11.5. the Mac spring will be tighter on the guides and there will be no twang. When you buy the spring have him set it for you. DON"T buy the .120 wire TX spring. It is too week for the LGU which has a shorter stroke than a TX MKIII. I opened my transfer port to 3.5MM. You MIGHT get piston bounce with the 3.0 MM.

The cocking lever is a weak point. It has a joint that is riveted. The forward two rivets will eventually get loose and you will see sag in the front section of the cocking lever. This will not be seen when the lever is nested on the front latch ball but it will effect breach lock up. I made a new latch at the rear that engages the curved area where the rivents are. This eliminates the front latch all together so the barrel is no longer tensioned by the cocking lever. ON a new gun it will not sag but will later. BTW. I used rare earth magnets for the "latch". It sounds sketchy I know but it works like a charm. I have not set my self up t o post pics here but they are posted on the Walther LGU face book page. Join the group and look it up. By the way, the accuracy with this set up is superb at the 11.5 fpe level using AA 7.87.

If you use the new LGU spring and it makes too much power you can take coils off but may end up without enough pre load to avoid piston bounce. Small wire and longer spring seem to work better, at least for me.

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