Shooting in the snow, hi Dan...

December 4 2017 at 7:53 PM
Dave   (Login Buzzurd5)

Response to You gonna test those in the snow Dave?

...yeah it’s that way here too for sure, but I have got it figured out! I just finished a winter shooting window where I can sit in my living room and shoot out to 130 yards. I’m the luckiest hillbilly in the world for sure!
I used blue board foam and made an insert that fits into the open window. There’s a 15x28 inch hole cut into the foam and I have plexiglass with shooting slots cut into the plexiglass.
You are sitting at a bench in front of the window with just the muzzle sticking out of the shooting hole. You are looking through the scope and through the plexiglass above the shooting hole, and it’s a great view that is quite clear really. Not perfect for sure but to be able to shoot in perfect comfort in the winter is priceless to me.
It can be below zero and I’ll be sitting in the warm house with a available 130 yards to play with. Lucky hillbilly indeed, I shoot almost every day.
One of my favorite shooting sessions is to sit and shoot at the clumps of snow that form in the pine trees, they are everywhere from egg sized to basketball sized, and out to the 130 yards mentioned. You can shoot groups in the clumps!
There’s no way I would get away with this if I was wife would allow it in the living room!! LOL.
This sport is simply the best thing that I have ever discovered.
You could say that I’m totally addicted for certain.

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