Received the 240 this evening. The gun looks great. I have a question tho...

December 5 2017 at 6:06 PM
Scottro  (Login scottgg)

Response to Diana 240 Classic....... Thanks, you bloody enablers ! LOL

The rifle was delivered today. Nicely packaged and double-boxed by Pyramyd. I unboxed it and it definitely looks up-to-snuff quality-wise with other Dianas I've bought over the last 20 yrs or so. I'm not keen on the plastic front sight, but otherwise I like it. The wood and metal finish is very nice. The bluing isn't high-polish, but is dark and even and smooth. If there's any barrel droop, I can't see it.

It has a TO5 trigger. It says DE 2017 on the receiver and "Made in Germany" on the barrel.

So far, it's a winner. I'm very pleased with the external quality. I need to see how it shoots, but won't get a chance to wring it out until this weekend.

QUESTION: With regard to the rear sight. How many detent balls should it have? When I unboxed this rifle, the barrel was slightly cocked. It had apparently bounced around in the box in shipping. It was out of the locked position enough to force the rear sight to poke thru the plastic bag protecting the gun. The bouncing around caused the ball detent(s) in the rear sight to escape. The elevation screw still worked, but didn't click/lock into position. Fortunately, I was able to find one detent ball in the bag. WHEW! When I re-installed the ball, I noticed there are recesses for two balls in the sight base. I have thoroughly searched the bag and box, and am about to scour the "outer" box w/ a magnet to see if I can find another detent- if the gun is supposed to have two. It seems to click into place fine with a single ball detent, but if it's supposed to have two, I'd like to find/obtain the second one. Hey, when it comes to balls, two seems like the magic number....happy.gif

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