It could have hit the floor I suppose...

December 5 2017 at 9:26 PM
scottro  (Login scottgg)

Response to No problem.

But the sight and breech were poked almost entirely out of the bag, so it's really anybody's guess.

I was going to cock the rifle and fire into a phone book, but it crossed my mind that it could be inside the gun somewhere. I'll resist the immediate temptation now and wait until I can remove the stock over top of a large tupperware tub -- in case the little guy rattles out.

I'm glad you responded again, because you're making me think. I don't want to fire it and possibly damage the gun. I don't want to take it apart and void the return policy either... I think I'll call Pyramyd tomorrow and talk to a human and see what they say. It seemed like a small problem at first, but now it's seeming a bit more serious. I've called and visited Pyramyd in the past and they've been really cool, so before I screw something up, I'll talk to them.

Mike M's a nice guy, and I'll keep him in mind after I check Pyramyd. I've got some old take-off sights lying around I could look at. I suppose it's also possible (if necessary) to slightly drill out the ball recess and put something larger in there.

LOL This is just my luck lately. lol No doubt, it'll work out fine. But it's really tough to get a brand new toy then have to wait to play w/ it!

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