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December 6 2017 at 7:40 PM
Phil  (Login Duane30)

Question regarding the Webley Paradigm piston design/theory.

The piston in said gun has a Belleville spring stack aft of the piston seal. The seemingly functioning design works by compressing under air charge, creating headspace. Once the gun is fired, the spring stack unloads towards the valve. The logic is that the single stroke charge of air pressure is maintained by this approach, by not suddenly dropping off due to transfer port passage.

My question:

If a gun has, say, .10cu/in valve volume (including induced piston headspace) with a transfer port passage volume of .035cu/in, the piston will need to move at least an equivalent volume of .035cu/in, right?

In single strokes, as we know, stored pressure differs from that of firing pressure. The transfer port passage in a single stroke can reduce pressure significantly. The Achilles heel of SSP.

With that said, the telescopic piston made for the SSP project, but now has a fixed piston, may experiment with it. Make it function like the Paradigm to see what happens.

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