OK...Finally bent to peer pressure and upgraded the scope on my RAW this past weekend.....

December 7 2017 at 1:49 PM
john  (Login JCarl)

This pic is what scope I have had on my RAW HM111X .25 since I got the rifle new

[linked image]

It is a Amazon or ebay special - a real treat from China a ZOS 10-40 with the "Y" recticle. Nice side focus and I liked it. But after posting a pic here awhile ago someone posted that it was a shame to have that rifle and have a $99 scope on it.

Some time I switch out scopes on my rifles just to keep things interesting. That sometime was this past weekend. I removed the scope from my FT rig (as it is off season) and promptly mounted it to the RAW.

[linked image]

It is a Hawke AirMax 8-32X50 with a small wheel. Range finds great and has the AMX recticle. Man what a difference! I was so pleasently suprised. Sighting it in took one magazine. Then I was dead on nuts accurate after that. I have a right hand magazine to feed the beast so the wheel can be used.

[linked image]

Fun switch that might have found a new home.... Now what to do with the FT rig?



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