Shaver Holster for HW40-HW45-HW75-P17-S&W78,79 and more

December 7 2017 at 6:11 PM
michael wolfram  (Login marflow)

there had-has been some question about what holster might fit what
a member bought a holster for a HW45
it was the Shaver holster for the Desert Eagle .357 mag -.44 mag - .50 AE

so I bought one 19.95 free shipping it's a bargain

what I found

the holster is soft so it expands well
it has a metal belt clip that could be removed and it can slip on a 1.75 inch belt, Bianchi B9 was tested
it has a plastic snap holder in the backside and fabric over strap and that can be tucked in over itself out of the way on the front side
it has a mag pouch in front but who cares put a knife in it

what does it fit

S&W 78-79

Gamo Compact

Fas 6004 but you have to push the pistol grip forward when removing because the front sight snag the inside but not a problem the front posts are very sharp on the 6004

P-3, HW40, P-17 fits very well

HW45 or P-1 HW75 or P-2

that's not bad for a 20 buck holster and it was money well spent I my opinion

well I hope that help some looking for a holster for there pistols
and I give all the credit to----Frankopee in his Nov 22 2017 post----for starting me down this path

take care

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