DAQ .308 ammo... Solved!

December 7 2017 at 7:06 PM

Rob in NC  (Login rob3dr)

Thanks to a kind gentleman from the forum who sent me some of his bullets to try out.

I've had this gun for several years now and aside from a short time when some smaller bullets worked when the gun was detuned a bit, I've not found anything that would really give me less than 2 inches at 50 yards. After I ran out of those particular bullets, I put the full power spring back in and the gun has sat for the most part.

I'd posted about recommendations and the bullets this fellow sent were the ticket. He casts his own from an RCBS .30 mold. I managed 1 inch 5 shots at 43 yards.

Seems I'm going to be casting my own now!

Thanks to the fellow who sent the bullets along my way!
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