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January 4 2018 at 12:13 AM
Slingarian  (Login Slingarian)

My wife watches me shoot daily, and finally expressed an interest in giving it a try herself. My FWB700 is far to heavy for her to deal with so I bought her a brand spanking new AF Edge. (wasn't sure she was going to stay interested). Turns out she loved the rifle and her performance with it has seen a steady incline.

About 18 months after purchasing the rifle, all of a sudden the tank/reg gacked out and the gun was rendered INOP. I have an original Talon SS that I bought back when they very first came out, and have been shooting it for many years with no issues. I also picked up a Texan shortly after they became available, and have had no problems with it as of yet either.

I called AF and described the issue to them, and they told me to ship it to them and it would be a warranty repair. (this was a week before Thanksgiving) I shipped the tank off to them and had not heard a peep until yesterday. They told me that my tank was repaired, but was now out of warranty (over a year) so I had to eat the repair and shipping costs.

I was/am a bit miffed over this. I have a Talon that's 15 years old with no issues, and then I have to eat a repair bill on a gun less than 2 yrs old. Makes me wonder if AF's quality control isn't what is use to be.

So the reason for this post..... Any of you fellow air gunners have like experiences with AirForce? TBH I was getting ready to drop the coin for the new Texan SS. But after this I'm not so sure.

thanks for taking the time to read...


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