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January 4 2018 at 4:55 PM
Jason  (Login nervoustrigger)

Response to List of pellet head/skirt dimensions?

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For your particular concern, I suggest the JSB RS 13.4gr for several reasons:

1. The heads of JSB pellets seldom measure larger than 5.51mm.
2. JSB uses soft lead.
3. Skirts are always a few thousandths larger than the heads, and the thin skirt of the 13.4gr pellets combined with the soft lead will ease chambering.
4. It’s a lightweight pellet which is usually desirable for the low velocity of pistols.
5. JSB makes the best pellets in the business.

Regarding a table which has dimensions of various pellets, I am not aware of any such resource. You will find variations from batch to batch amongst every brand and type of pellet so even if there were such a thing, the numbers would have to expressed as a range and would only be valid for the particular batch on hand at the time.

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