Late Christmas Present

January 4 2018 at 9:48 PM
josh3rd  (Login josh3rd)

How lucky can one man get? Well Christmas came and went and I got what the typical family man gets from his family and step, socks, pants etc., basically stuff for working outside in construction. Well as some of you may know, awhile back we had a relative who was fighting addiction stay with us to get clean supposedly. Well during his stay, he decided to help himself to some of our belongings. And some of these belongings was my Beeman RX2 .20cal with a laminated stock. I was hurt and mad. I checked local pawnshops and so forth to no avail. Fast forward to the present and while off one day due to the weather I hear a knock at the door and our beloved post lady had asked for my signature for a package that was about 4 foot in length. WTF is this? It was addressed to her. So I waited till she came home. Ok, so she gets home and I asked her about it and she said it was for me. I viciously rip through the packaging and low and behold...

A Beeman RX2 .20cal with a laminated stock and a Simmons Pro Mag Scope (not to fond of the scope or the rings). I was ecstatic. I mean truly surprised, happy, grateful. I couldn't wait to cock it open. But the bummer is that I didn't have any pellets. Darn it. So amazon prime she went. 3 days later I have some JSB's. But all this snow and cold weather has prevented me from shooting aside from my 10m long basement. I is like how I remember when I shot my old one. The shot cycle is very smooth and the cocking is a little heavy but smooth none the less. The trigger? I wish it was a tad lighter. I am guessing that its 2-2 1/2 lbs of effort. It has a green breech seal which my RX didn't have. After market? Your guess is as good as mine.

Basically I feel complete, in a way. I have a AA pro sport in 177, a RX2 in 20cal and a RWS 54 in 22. I would love to try a HW77 and a FWB 124.

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